Handgun Shilouette

Section Contact Details

Tony Wilkey – 0411 870 712

Thursday Match Captain:
Dave Ingham – 0414 788 977

Section Program

The sport of Handgun Metallic Silhouette is one in which pistols are used to knock down metal targets at a variety of distances.

Handgun Metallic Silhouette offers a variety of calibres, firearms, distances and shooting positions depending on the category and competition. Handgun Metallic Silhouette is one of only three competitions in Australia, which allow calibres greater than .38.

Targets and scoring

In Handgun Metallic Silhouette, competitors shoot a handgun to knock over metal targets shaped like chickens, pigs, turkeys and rams. They are of varying thicknesses and are placed at ranges between 10 and 200m, depending on the calibre of the handgun being used. A steel stand is set into the ground and the targets are placed on it in groups of five, with each five-target group called a ‘bank’.

Targets are fired upon in timed two-minute stages, firing at five targets per stage, in order, from left to right. The target must be knocked over to score. Any hit that doesn’t topple the target is scored as a miss, no matter how good the shot was.


Handgun Metallic Silhouette comprises three official matches, with each match subdivided into categories.

Big Bore

Big Bore matches require the use of centrefire handguns to knock down the almost life-sized targets, which are placed as follows: chickens at 50m, pigs at 100m, turkeys at 150m and rams at 200m. The matches are broken up into several main categories for competition: Production, Revolver, Standing, Unlimited, Unlimited Standing, Unlimited Any Sight, Unlimited Half Scale and Unlimited Any Sight Half Scale.


Smallbore matches require the use of rimfire handguns to knock down chickens at 25m, pigs at 50m, turkeys at 75m and rams at 100m. You might expect that because the range distances are halved that the targets would also be half-sized – not so. The targets are scaled down to three-eighths of full size, which makes this match more difficult to shoot compared to the full-sized Big Bore match. There is also a 50m Rimfire match, using one-fifth-scale targets, which is popular with clubs having restricted ranges.

Smallbore is conducted using the same rules as Big Bore, except only .22 Long Rifle ammunition may be used and it must be fired as manufactured. No Magnum or hyper-velocity (stingers, etc) ammunition may be used. Smallbore matches are broken into several main categories: Production, Revolver, Standing, Unlimited, Unlimited Any Sight, Unlimited Fifth Scale and Unlimited Any Sight Fifth Scale.

Field Pistol

Field Pistol is a centrefire match available to clubs with a range limited to 100m. It is shot at the same ranges as Smallbore, but requires centrefire handguns. The targets for this match are scaled-down to half-size and are much heavier than the Smallbore targets.

Field Pistol matches include only two categories: Production requires stock handguns with factory sights, while Production Any Sight requires stock handguns fitted with scopes, red dots or other optical devices. The scope, mounts and other optical devices must be used as manufactured, with no modifications.

The firearms used in Field Pistol are further limited to chamber only straight-walled handgun cartridges of standard manufacture with a maximum case length of 1.29″ (32.76mm). Both Field Pistol categories are fired from the standing position only.


Each year there are State and National championships as well as National and State Postal competitions. Matches are shot on different days depending on the range being used. Big bore (Centerfire) is shot on the first Saturday of the month, starting at 10am.Rimfire is usually shot on the third Sunday of the month starting at 10am. Please see the program for Air Pistol and Field Pistol matches. Handgun Metallic Silhouette is also shot on Thursday mornings.

Each week the matches alternate between a small-bore match and a modified big bore match.