How to Renew Your Licence for Purpose of Use 1

Categories are the types of firearms you own (A, B, C, D, H) and the purposes of having that firearm are the numbers next to the letters, (1 to 11). The definitions can be found on the back of your firearms licence or in the firearms act and regulations.

If you have a 1 next to any of the categories (A,B,C,D,H), it means you need to show you are an active member of a club so you can renew your licence for that purpose.
The instructions below go through the process for renewing your licence or purpose of use 1 for A,B and H at SSAA Para.

Long Arms (A,B)

Long arms licences are either 1, 2, 3 or 5 years.
If you have A1 and /or B1 on your licence, you no longer required to obtain a club certificate (chit) from the club stating you are an active member. You can proceed to renew your membership at Australia Post or Renewal SA.

Note: make sure you renew your licecne for club use at the same frequency as the other purposes on your licence. Otherwise you will be charged additional fees.        

Handguns (H)

Handgun licences are either 1 or 3 years.

The  handgun licence requires the member to obtain a club certificate or chit from the club stating that you are an active member for each year of the licence. Chits are written out by the club signatories on most weekends, and some Thursdays. If you have difficulty in reaching the club on the weekend contact the club secretary. It is preferable that this is completed a couple of weeks before your licence expires. 

For a handgun licence, the chit will need to identify the dates that you competed in registered matches for that year. Over the 12 months before your licence expires, a member must participate in a minimum of 6 organized competitive shooting matches. Competitive shooting matches are ones  which have been programmed by the club.

Handgun licences are broken up into 4 categories.

  • Category 1 – Air or gas operated handguns,
  • Category 2 – .22 Rim-fire handguns,
  • Category 3 – Centre-fire handguns not more than .38 calibre, and
  • Category 4 – handguns over .38 calibre.

If a member has more than one category then 4 shoots of each will be required.


Member A does not own any Handguns but has H1 on their licence.
They are required to do 6 shoots in any category over a 12 month period…

Member B owns a .22 Handgun
They are required to do 6 x category 2 shoots over a 12 month period…

Member C owns two .22 calibre handguns and a .45 calibre handgun
They are required to do 4 x category 2 shoots and 4 x category 4 shoots every 12 months.

When your licence is up for renewal you will be required to provide evidence of the shoots you have attended. 
The club captain will write out an internal chit stating the dates which you have participated in recognised matches. If you use the yellow cards located in the canteen, it will help the captain find the shoots you have attended easily.

You will also need to show your current Firearms licence, you Para membership card and your SSAA membership card. 
Give the internal chit to one of the club signatories who will fill out an external chit. 
This external chit is to be attached to your licence renewal.

If you have any further questions please contact the club Secretary: GPO Box 2013, Adelaide 5001 or email