Club Combined Calendar 

The club combined calendar summarises all the activities across the 10 ranges. For general sighting in it is recommended to also contact the club house to confirm if space is available. Visitors shooting outside of club competitions will also need to confirm with the club house if supervision is available. 

Notes to use the combined calendar.

  • Blue text is matches on the main range
  • Red text is state and national matches
  • Black text is matches on the smaller ranges
  • When the shotgun range is operating the main range is limited to 200m. 

 For detailed section matches please refer to the section programs on the club section pages.

Important Information:

The retaining wall between the 300m range and the pistol ranges is now completed. Programing as per the calendar can now resume.
Special thanks to Sporting Shooters Association of Australia South Australia. (SSAA SA) and the SA Recreation and Sport for helping us fund these works. And to Kent Civil who constructed it.
23/04/23 –
  • Shotgun on the 30th of July has been moved to the 29th of July
  • Shotgun of the 17th of September has been moved to the 16th of September
  • Junior club shoots on the main range have been added for the (11th of June, 15th of July, 19th of August and 4th of October)