Opening Times 

SSAA Para is open 7 days a week between 10am and 4pm each day and 10am to between 4pm and 6pm on weekend (subject to RO Supervision)

‍‍Please note: this excludes Christmas Day and the morning of ANZAC day when the range is closed.
‍Members and visitors are advised to call the range  check availability for general shooting/sighting in firearms as range space and supervision is required 
(08) 8289 6918.

Range Facilities 

SSAA Para has 10 shooting ranges located on the property to suit nearly every type of firearm. 
Please refer to our facilities page showing the location map and range descriptions. 

Range Rules

Before coming out to the club, it is important that our members and visitors are familiar with our Range Rules, Constitution and our By-Laws. For further information please contact the club house or the secretary. 

Our Sections (club competitions) 

We highly recommend that visitors and our members get involved with our club competitions. Currently we hold over 20 different types of matches to suit nearly every type of firearm available on a club licence.  

The sections are a great way to fine tune your shooting skills, meet new people and learn what equipment will best suit your shooting interests as many have club firearms available to use during these times. To get involved please contact our sections captains and they will be more than happy to help you get started.