The SSAA’s shooting competitions – commonly referred to as ‘disciplines’ – are the backbone of the Club and the Association. Our disciplines include the use of many different types of firearms such as shotguns, pistols, revolvers and rifles in rimfire, centrefire, air and black powder configurations, and a variety of targets, depending on the discipline and competition concerned.

SSAA Para conducts shooting 16 shooting disciplines across its 9 ranges and has had many members represent  us at  interclub, state, national and international level. We encourage visitors, new members or experienced shooters to participate in with our sections as it is an excellent way to improve your skills and meet new people.

Please read through our section pages to find a match that suits your interests.

Air Rifle Field Target

Air Rifle, Field Rifle and 3 Positional Rifle

Benchrest Rifle

Black Powder / Muzzle Loading (Rifle, Pistol & Shotgun)

Collector's Club

Combined Services (Rifle & Pistol)

Field Shotgun

Handgun Sillhouette (IHMSA)

(Olympic pistol)

Lever Action & Gallery Rifle

NRA Target Pistol

Practical Shooting

Scoped Rifle, Cowboy Rifle & Benchrest Silhouette

Single Action (Rifle, Pistol & Shotgun)