Step 1: Come out and have a look at the club

The first thing prior to joining is to come out to the club and have a look around, and maybe have your first shoot.
People with their own equipment are able to use the range facilities for general sighting in or can participate in a club competition. Click here for range fees.
If you don’t have your own equipment the best way is to contact the club secretary or a section captain and organise to participate in one of the club competitions. Most sections have equipment that you can use during registered club matches.

If you are interested in sighting in firearms or load development only, then please give the canteen a call on 82896918 to confirm that space and supervision is available on they day you want to shoot. 


Step 2: Join our National Association (SSAA)

After your first shoot we ask you then to join the Sporting Shooter Association of Australia (SSAA). The SSAA membership covers your insurance, provides a monthly magazine and many other benefits. For further information you can visit the SSAA National website :

A SSAA application form can be accessed by clicking here or you can pick up one on your next visit to the range in the canteen. 


  • When filling out the SSAA application form for SSAA Para, our branch number is S06
  • Once completed post the SSAA Application with payment to the SSAA membership office in St Marys NSW. The address can be found on the top of the application form. Or you can pay it online.
  • Junior SSAA membership is currently covered by the SSAA (SA) state association. Please leave you SSAA Junior Membership Application Form in the canteen. The secretary will then hand it on to the state association.
  • Once the SSAA national office processes your application they will then post out a letter and membership card to you. This will contain your membership and branch number and your expiry date.
  • Once you become a member of the SSAA you are entitled to shoot at SSAA Para 4 times a years.  After the 4th visit we ask that you become a financial member of Para. However you are more than welcome to join Para prior to your forth shoot. 

Step 3: Join SSAA Para Branch

To join you first need to fill out our club membership application. The SSAA Para Application Form. Or you can pick up an application form from the canteen on your next visit. 

  • If you are a current member of another club please attach a letter from the other clubs Secretary / President to the application form.
  • Once you have summitted your membership application, please keep your daily range fee receipts as these fees will be deducted off of your membership fee. 
For members wanting to shoot handgun now or in the future:
  • By law it is required that you get two references to fill out the referees section on the application form. By signing the form they believe that you are of good character to join a shooting club, and have known you for the last two years. It is recommended that you get three people to fill out the referees section as people go on holidays, change phone numbers ect. The referees can be family members, neighbours, mates in another sports / social club ect.
  • A national police check to be attached to the membership application.
  • Post the SSAA Para Application Form to (do not post any payment); SSAA PARA GPO BOX 2013 Adelaide 5001

Or drop the application form into the canteen on your next visit.

Step 3a: Secretary Work

The SSAA Para Range Secretary will then run a background check. This will involve
  • SAPOL Check
  • Ringing up the referees
  • A check with council at the next Para Range Council Meeting

The checks should take on average 2 – 3 weeks. If you have not heard anything by then please contact the SSAA Para secretary. During this time please hold onto your receipts from the daily range fees as they can be used to deduct the final cost from your membership.

Once the check is complete, the Secretary will then post out an invoice to join SSAA Para. Payment can be made to either the canteen or posted to;

SSAA PARA GPO BOX 2013 Adelaide 5001.

Step 3b: Payment

Once payment is made, the Secretary will send out your membership card , range program and range rules.
If you require a payment plan to suit your financial needs please contact the club secretary.
If you have been keeping your daily range fee receipts then you can used them to reduce the membership payment cost.
For example if you have been to the club twice and paid $50.00 for each daily range fee visit then your new membership payment will be reduced from $280 down to $180. 
Once paid, you will be a financial member of the club. Please note that training for category 1 will not be signed off until the membership fee is paid. 

Step 4: Side Notes After Joining

Couple of small things to keep in mind while you’re a member.

Under the 2017 regulations new members must notify to SAPOL that you have joined SSAA Para. A letter that you can use will be sent with your membership card.

Under the SSAA Para constitution it is required that you retain your SSAA membership whilst you are a member of SSAA Para. This is important as this covers your insurance, and the ability to shoot in matches. Checks will be done frequently throughout the year by the Secretary.

You are also required to undertake the club safety course within the first six months of joining. This is still required even if you have been a member of another club or have had accredited training in other organisations. The reason behind this is that the course covers the specific Para Range rules and also covers the site induction. To add your name to the list please refer to the contact details on our training website page. Successful applicants can pick up their Safety Course Certificates at the canteen approximately 4 weeks after the course. 

Under the current firearms act, any person wishing to compete in a any club activities (including general sighting in) with their own firearm is required to have purpose of use (POU) 1 (club use) on their licence. Click here to see how to obtain POU1 on your licence. It is best to have it on your licence at the start of your membership rather than chasing it in a hurry at a later date. This training is usually conduct at the same time as the club safety course training.

For any questions please contact the club Secretary: GPO Box 2013, Adelaide 5001 or email