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This area of clay target shotgun shooting that has shown the greatest growth worldwide in recent years is Sporting Clays.

This competition is set up in a natural bushland setting, with the traps presenting clay targets that simulate hunting a variety of game such as ducks, rabbits, quail and pheasants. The traps can be concealed in the bush or on towers, with the targets only visible in cleared areas.

The targets can be shot over a course of six or seven ‘stands’, where shooters are shown targets in singles or doubles of various sizes and colors, and shoot each station with their squad of five or six shooters in turn. Most courses comprise 25 targets and the degree of difficulty can vary from easy to extremely hard.

Getting Started

Whilst there are a number of very expensive shotguns around, a top of the range gun is not an essential piece of equipment. As with all shotgun events, gun fit is very important, but new shooters will find the more experienced shooters willing to give advice on gun fit, style and technique to help them choose a suitable shotgun. On most ranges, the shooters are happy to give newcomers a few shots out of their guns, so that fit and style can be established. By going along to a shoot, a new shooter can be given a considerable amount of help and advice before venturing into the field of shotgun purchase. Good second hand guns are available and this is a good starting point for anyone interested in giving clay target shooting a go.

Shotguns that are generally suitable for 5-Stand and Sporting Clays events have sporting style stocks and variable chokes.

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