Section Contact Details

Match Captain:
David Pattenden 0404 179 303

Vice Match Captain:

Rod Frisby 0400 274 779


Section Program

Air Rifle Field Target is a simulated field-shooting discipline that caters to springer and precharged pneumatic (PCP) air rifle shooters.

The discipline includes five firearm classes: Open Air Rifle, Open PCP, Open Springer, International PCP and International Springer, with shooters aiming to hit reactive ‘fall-when-hit’ targets of various sizes at often unknown ranges from 8 to 50m. As the name suggests, Air Rifle Field Target lends itself to being contested in a bush-type environment, although it may also be held on a more traditional range line.

Air Rifle Field Target Background

Air Rifle Field Target is a simulated field-type event that lends itself to a bush-type environment, though it may be contested on a more traditional range line. 

Targets must be the fall-when-hit type and may be made of wood and/or steel and be of any configuration. The ‘hit zone’ must be circular and of a contrasting color to the faceplate. Targets must be resettable from the firing line. A match shall consist of no fewer than 30 targets.

Scoring is awarded on the basis of one point for each hit and a zero for a miss. A hit is awarded when a target falls. Any movement of the plate which does not result in the target or hit zone falling is scored as a miss. All targets are to be shot in numerical order, and any targets shot out of sequence are scored as a miss.


Air Rifle Field Target caters for both springer and precharged pneumatic (PCP) air rifles, and includes five firearm classes: Open Air Rifle; Open PCP Air Rifle; Open Springer; International PCP; and International Springer. Springer air rifles generate their power via a large spring/gas ram and piston. Alternatively, PCP air rifles generate their power by means of an onboard chamber of compressed air or gas. The chamber of compressed air/gas may be pressurised by any means, including refilling from a high-pressure air source such as a bulk supply tank (scuba tank or carbon dioxide bottle), high-pressure compressor, manual hand pump or an on-rifle/integrated pump. Rifles which employ a permanently attached remote feed system to separate bulk supply are not permitted.


Any shooting position is allowed, with the basic positions being offhand, sitting/kneeling or prone. Any stock of any configuration with no limit as to its design is permitted and it may be adjusted to accommodate various shooting styles and positions. Additional attachments are not permitted to be added or removed during competition. Butt-hooks are permitted, as are single rifle slings in either single- or two-point attachment so as to carry and help steady the rifle while aiming. Shooting mats and ground cloths are permitted for use at the firing line.


Any form of sighting device may be used, with the exception of laser sights. No built-in or separate laser rangefinding device may be used. Spotting scopes are not permitted on the firing line during competition.