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Section Program

Combined services shooting is a combination of both new and historical firearms which are or have been used in the military, police, prison services etc. There are two main disciplines within the Combined Services shot at Para, these are pistol shooting and rifle Shooting.

Rifle Matches

Rifle shooting is mainly military firearms as issued to any country in the world’s military service. The rifle matches can be broken up depending on the class of rifle. The most common class is the standard rifle for example a .303 (This is a good way to use Dad’s or Grandad’s old Lee Enfield)

There are also other matches for modified rifles which include,  an accurarised competition where standard military rifles that have been tweaked a bit, eg non standard sights, ex big bore rifles. There is also a category for military scoped rifles and for cadet and trainer rifles.

Rifle matches are conducted on one Saturday morning a month, usually around the 3rd Saturday. They normally consist of around 50 shots, from 100 metres to 300 metres. Trainer rifle distances are 25 to 100 meters.

Pistol Matches

Pistol matches are mainly held on the morning of the 1st Saturday of every month. The pistol match caters for pistols used by military, police and other government agencies. The section also shoots .22 calibre pistols which replicate those two categories. Pistol matches normally consist of 36 to 51 rounds shot from 25 metres through to 7 metres. There are also occasional 50 metre matches.