Handgun shooters are required to shoot in 6 matches a year for their first class of handgun and an additional 4 shoots per year for any other categories of handgun they own.

Rifle and Shotgun shooters do not have to meet a minimum number of attendance each year. 

SSAA Para is open ‍7 days a week between 10am and 4pm each day and ‍10am to between 4pm and 6pm on weekend (subject to RO Supervision)

Please note: this excludes Christmas Day and the morning of ANZAC day when the range is closed.

Members and visitors are advised to call the range  check availability for general target shooting/sighting in firearms as range space and supervision is required 
(08) 8289 6918.

Each family member is required to fill out a separate a application form.

Application forms can be found here.

Please leave your membership renewal in the canteen and the secretary will pass it on to the state association.

Yes, we can break the membership up into 2, 3 or 4 instalments. Please contact the club secretary to arrange a payment system suitable to your needs.

Currently we are not set up to run shooting packages similar to Marksman. However, if you want to try shooting we recommend that you contact one of our section captains and arrange to shoot in one of our club competitions with range officers, coaches and club firearms being available all at the same time. 

A firearms licence is broken up into 12 different purposes of use (POU).

1. Club Use
2. Target Shooting (Outside of a club)
3. Hunting
4. Paintball
5. Primary Production
6. Security Industry
7. Contract Shooter
8. Commercial range operator
9. Shooting Gallery Operator
10. Collector
11. Dealer
12. Other

If you wish to use your own firearms for club competition, then it is a requirement that you join a club and have category 1 added to your licence. Training for this licence upgrade can be done through the club after joining.

For shooters who do not want to shoot at a club, it is not essential to be a club member. However, we recommend that all shooters support an organisation that supports your sport (SSAA).

For further information click here, or contact the club secretary.

Most sections have the equipment available for people wishing to tryout that form of shooting. Probably the best way to pick the one you might enjoy the most is to come out and have a go. Please either make contact with the section captain or the secretary prior to your visit and we can arrange the equipment required, a small cost will be required to cover the ammunition.

Yes, the safety course is an excellent refresher on the safe way to handle firearms. It also covers SSAA Para range rules and a site induction. Under the SSAA PARA Constitution all members are required to undertake the course within the first 6 months of joining.

A H licence is for handguns. Next to a handgun licence are the purposes of use. Handguns can only be used for club use (category 1), Security Industry (category 6) and Other approved by the registrar (category 12) for example safety course training.

Please click here to see how to obtain a firearms licence

When asking permission from SAPOL to obtain or upgrade a firearms licence, 100 points of ID is required to be presented with the application form. Details of the 100 point requirments can be found on the SAPOL website.