SSAA Para Working Bee – 16th and 17th of October

SSAA Para Working Bee

As a friendly reminder, SSAA Para will be holding our annual working bee on the 16th and 17th of October.
We will look at starting each day at 9am. All ranges will be closed for shooting over this weekend. 

Jobs to be done include:
  1. Erecting the new timber baffle on the top range
  2. Rebuilding the sleeper bunker at the 300m line on the main range
  3. Installation of the steel speed hump on the roadway
  4. Moving the gate location on the main range
  5. Adjusting the gutter on the main range
  6. Cleaning all the gutters in preparation for fire season
  7.  Replacing the cladding on the baffle posts (pistol range 1 and 2)
  8. Install he secondary door to the powder magazine
  9. Replace carpet on 50m turning target range back stop
  10. Repair backstops on pistol and rifle ranges
  11. Relocate tyres on field target range
  12. shift red flag on field target range
  13. wiper snip vegetation / lawn mowing in preparation for fire season
  14. Cut up fallen tree near main gate
  15. general section repairs and range clean ups (we will have a bin to fill)
  16. Weeding and poising of vegetation near magazine bunkers
  17. General painting
Tools to bring
  • Safety equipment (gloves, hearing protection, eye glasses, enclosed shoes)
  • Carpentry tool
  • Power tools 
  • Garden tools – rakes, shovels, wheelbarrows, 
  • Trailers to move the car tyres and rubbish
  • ladders to clean gutters