When: 15th to 16th October 9am until 4pm

Where: SSAA Para (All ranges)

What to will we be doing:

  • Maintenance on turning targets
  • Backstop repairs
  • Repairing target frames
  • Lifting the main range roof to tilt the solar panels 
  • Repairing and moving fences
  • Minor earthworks
  • Vegetation management
  • Repairing silhouette baffles  on the top range
  • Cleaning the air pavilion 
  • Practical Range repairs
  • Cleaning out gutters
  • Removal of rubbish 

What to bring

  • Rakes/shovels/wheelbarrows
  • Carpentry tools 
  • ladders
  • buckets
  • Wet/dry vacuum 
  • Chainsaws 
  • PPE (Gloves, glasses, hearing protection ect) 




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